Wunderman UK
For the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust 

The ad that has been Shazamed the most over the past year will be awarded at the Dadi ceremony.  View the weekly chart here

This award will recognise an agency how has demonstrated digital excellence over the past year. Entrants should complete use their report to tell the judges what they have achieved and why they should be the agency of the year.  Only companies entering other categories in the awards may enter the agency of the year category. 


For any B2B sector organisation, service or individual project. 

For any consumer brand, service, company or individual product. 

For legal, accountancy, teaching, training or other professional services. 

For any work produced to promote an agency’s services or for a client company who produce their digital offering in-house. 

For any recruitment platform, website or online campaign for recruitment agencies, recruitment consultancies, individual clients or media owners 

For any companies working in the automotive industry 

For any e-commerce website. 

Should demonstrate movement in rankings in SERPs across target keyword list over campaign period, increase in natural search traffic over campaign period  and increase in revenue (if applicable) over campaign period


For any strategy developed for digital communication only. For strategies which include traditional communication please enter Best Integrated Media Campaign.

For any campaign or project involving affiliate marketing. Entries should demonstrate strategic vision, innovation and success against objectives. 

Should demonstrate effectiveness including sales/traffic report prior and post campaign on response mechanism. 


Entries should show creative and innovative use of video. Factors taken into consideration will include innovation, quality in video content and understanding of the medium. Companies may either present their overall video output or a specific project or campaign over the judging period.  This may also include virtual reality.


Includes Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Demonstrate how the campaign / strategy has achieved the results through content 

Don't Panic London
For Greenpeace 

Mark Read
Global  CEO

Enter a portfolio of work you have been producing over the past year. This should include: a team photograph, who the members of your team are, overview of you/your team’s structure, description and brief of each project, objectives and how you met these objectives for each project. 

Only companies entering other categories in the awards may enter the Creative/Digital Team of the Year category. 

For any public sector organisation, service, government body, or individual project. 

For work briefed and implemented for a charity / not-for-profit organisations. Please supply the registered charity number for the client within the accompanying report. 


For any financial service including insurance, banking, accountancy etc.

Any news/media/publishing website also featuring a job seekers function should isolate their statistics to reflect the news and features provision only. The job seeking function may be entered separately into Best Recruitment Website category. 


For any company, event or for specific promotions or offers. 

For any site or campaign offering a game or licensed gaming or for campaign in the entertainment industry 

Entries will be judged on the visual design of the website and how it is used to enhance its purpose.

Should demonstrate strategy to meet client’s objectives and campaign KPIs and metrics achieved ROI

For any response email campaign or branding email campaign. Entries should demonstrate strategy and campaign effectiveness.

For any campaign which has increased brand awareness or achieved other marketing objectives through self-replicating viral processes. Entries should demonstrate the starting data, original end target, the final result and how the additional reach was achieved. 


Should demonstrate how the technical innovation impacted on the client/consumer use and how this affected overall results.

Should demonstrate the use of a minimum of three types of media, one of which should be digital and the others should be any form of non-digital media. 

Demonstrate how your work has affected/improved usability and the user’s experience 

Demonstrate how the campaign / strategy uses metrics, segmentation or targeting to improve the end users experience with a brand, product or service