Celebrating and rewarding digital effectiveness, the Dadi's are open to anyone in the UK who’s doing great digital work and producing effective digital strategies.

From apps to public sector campaigns, there are a wide range of categories to choose from. (see below)

Entries for 2011 are now closed but we will be accepting entries for the 2012 awards from March next year.

Entry fee

£157 + vat for your first entry and £57 + vat for each additional entry

If you would like to enter next year, please register  here and you will be notified when the awards are launched in 2012.

To see who took home a Dadi last year, download the winners supplement.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to someone about the Dadi's, Please contact Katy Thomson or Lynn Lester.

The following were the 2011 categories and 2012 will be very similar but could be subject to change.  If you have any category suggestions, please feel free to email Katy with your ideas.

1. Grand Prix
2. Chairman’s Award
3. Digital Agency of the Year
4. Dadi Individual of the Year
5. Digital Media Buying Agency of the Year
6. Creative Team of the Year
7. Public Sector Website or Campaign
8. Not-for-Profit/Charity Website or Campaign
9. Professional Services Website or Campaign
10. Financial Services Website or Campaign
11. In-house Website or Campaign
12. News/Media/Publishing Website
13. Recruitment Website or Campaign
14. Consumer products or services website or campaign
15. Travel/Leisure/Sports Website or Campaign
16. Interactive Entertainment Website, Game or Campaign
17. Retail Website or Campaign
18. Use of Visual Design
19. Use of Organic Search (SEO)
20. Use of Paid Search (SEM)
21. Digital Media Strategy
22. Use of Email
23. Use of Affiliate Marketing
24. Campaign which became viral
25. Use of Mobile
26. Use of Technical Innovation
27. Video Website/Use of Video
28. Integrated Marketing Campaign
29. Use of Social Media
30. Podcast/blog
31. Online Marketing Strategy