The effectiveness awards for the digital industry

Agency of the Year

This award recognises an agency that has demonstrated
digital excellence over the past year. You need to complete
a report telling the judges what you’ve achieved and why
you deserve to be named agency of the year. To be eligible,
you need to have entered work into other categories. But
that shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re good enough to win
this award, you’ll have been churning out great work all year.

You will also need to share evidence of:

- Revenue growth
- New business wins
- Testimonials from happy clients

Creative/Digital Team of the Year

If you think your team is the best, this is your chance
to show them how much you believe in them. Only
companies entering other categories in the awards may
enter this category. We want to reward the best team in
the industry. Wherever you are in the media food chain, we
want to see:

- Smart use of budget
- Imaginative executions
- Successfully achieving objectives
- Testimonials from happy clients

To be eligible, you need to have entered work into other
categories. But that’s what a great team would do anyway.

Rising Star of the Year

In this category we want to give recognition to a talented
individual who has 3 years experience or less. In the
entry you could include evidence such as work ethic,
client management, new business wins or examples of
something impactful that gives them the deserving title of
Rising Star of the Year.

B2B Sector

For work you’ve created for any B2B organisation, service
or project.

Public Sector

For work you’ve created for any public sector organisation,
service, government body or project.


For work you’ve created for any charity/not-for-profit
organisations. Make sure you supply the registered charity
number for the client within your report.

Professional Services

For work you’ve created for any legal, accountancy,
teaching, training or other professional services.

Financial Services

For work you’ve created for any financial service, including
insurance, banking, accountancy and any other form of
money management.


For work you’ve created to promote your agency’s services.
Or if you work client-side, to promote your digital offering


For any work you’ve created for the news/media/
publishing industry. Please note that if the site also has a
job seekers function, you should isolate the statistics to
reflect the news and features area only.


For work you’ve created for any recruitment platform
or website. Or for an online recruitment campaign for
recruitment agencies, recruitment consultancies, individual
clients or media owners.


For work you’ve created for the retail and e-commerce sector.

Most Effective Use of Organic Search

For work you’ve done that demonstrates a movement in
rankings in SERPs across a target keyword list, an increase
in natural search traffic and an increase in revenue (if
applicable) over the campaign period.

Digital Media Strategy

This is for your digital communication strategies only. If you
want to impress us with a strategy that includes traditional
communication, you need to enter the Integrated
Marketing Campaign category.

Most Effective Use of Affiliate Marketing

For any campaign or project you’ve created that involves
affiliate marketing. Your entry should demonstrate strategic
vision, innovation and success against objectives.

Viral Campaign

For any campaign you’ve created that has increased brand
awareness or achieved other marketing objectives through
a viral approach. Your entry should include the starting
data, original end target, the final result and how the
additional reach was achieved.

Most Effective Use of Mobile

For any form of mobile-based marketing that you’ve
created. Your entry should demonstrate effectiveness,
including a sales/traffic report prior to and following your

Technical Innovation

We want to see your technical innovations that have had an
impact on an audience. Especially if you can demonstrate
how they affected the results.

Video Website/Video

This is for your most creative video projects. We’re
looking for innovation, production quality, storytelling and
everything else that makes the medium so powerful. You
can either present the overall video output for a campaign
or just a specific part of it.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Your entry should demonstrate the use of at least three
types of media. At least one of these should be digital
while the others can be more traditional channels.

Most Effective Use of Social Media

This is for your best concepts that use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other recognised social channel.


We want to see how your work has had a positive impact
on the user’s experience.

Most Effective Use of Data

If you’ve used data in a new and interesting way to improve
the end-user experience, this is for you. Demonstrate how
you used metrics, segmentation, targeting or other data
techniques to make a difference.

Paid Media Campaign

This is for the most interesting and effective uses of paid
media. Show us the work and the results that it generated.

Most Effective Use of VR and AR

Share your best virtual or augmented experiences with us.
Tell us why your entry is so good in terms of impact, quality
and results.

Best Tech Platform

This is for the best digital platform that enables the industry.
You need to demonstrate how the use of the platform
helps to build successful campaigns.